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The Legacy of Great Grandmother’s Dress

The Legacy of Great Grandmother’s Dress’s Story from Avery’s Grandmother:

“The two dresses worn by three year old Avery were her great-grandmother’s.  Nellie Van Wyk was born in 1912 and was the oldest of seven children.  The family lived on a small town farm in Iowa.  Nellie would have been 2-3 years old when she wore the dresses,  making the garments approximately 100 years old.  The material is thin and bare in spots.  There are stains and even tiny specs of what looks like dried blood on one of the dresses, quite possibly from Nellie playing or maybe eating spaghetti; you never know with children!”






A Note from Avery’s mother:

“While you were photographing Avery twirling and playing in the dresses, I imagined my grandmother doing the same thing so many years ago.  My grandmother passed away in 2011, just 7 months shy of her 100th birthday.  When she passed away Avery was just 4 weeks old.  Although they never met in person, I think if my grandma were alive today she would be thrilled to know that we had pictures of Avery in her dresses.  I have attached a couple photos of my grandma.  She isn’t wearing the dresses in either of the images.  I like the one where she is approximately 3 years old and it looks like she is wearing boots, just like Avery did on the day of the photos with you!”


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