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The Modern Snapshot: Focusing on What Really Matters with Daphne Laput

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Teacher Daphne Laput

Daphne Laput, of Daphne Laput Photography, is excited to have come together with Beyond the Wanderlust to bring you her workshop, The Modern Snapshot: Focusing on What Matters. A snapshot is defined as an informal photograph taken quickly. The photos you take of your everyday moments usually are snapshots, but these moments are also important. However, they often don’t occur in the quote-unquote ideal lighting or locations. In this workshop we’ll look at how work with your environment by using all the elements it encompasses, how to capture authentic images, use composition to add interest to your photos and discern what exactly is drawing you to take a photograph, while learning how to highlight that aspect.
This workshop is a change in vision, a new way to see your daily life as it unfolds and translate it to your photos.
PART I : These are Yours
A New View
Exercise One
PART II: Using What You Have
Using What You Have
My Gear
The Benefits of Wide Angle
The Benefits of Wide Aperture
Exercise Two
PART III: Aspects of an Environment
Environmental Portraiture
Negative Space and Leading Lines
Details vs Pullback
Portrait and Landscape
Adding Visual Interest
Creative Crop
Exercise Three
PART IV: Putting it Together
Be Prepared
Slow Down
Engaging vs Not
Out and About
When They Need a Push
Planning Ahead
You Are There Too
The Editing Process
Snapshots in Person
Materials Received:
  • 119 page PDF workbook
  • BTS video with Daphne in her home shooting
  • Editing video with Daphne in Lightroom
  • Color and B&W custom preset by Daphne

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of materials after purchase.

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Daphne Profile
Daphne Laput, of Daphne Laput Photography, is a photographer based in New York State. Her work revolves around the daily life of her young family, aiming to authentically capture those everyday moments. FacebookFlickr | Instagram

Justyna E Butler of Justyna E Butler Photography

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“The Modern Snapshot is a crucial tool in any photographer’s journey. The information included is priceless and it contains multiple creative exercises that help you dig deep into yourself and the priceless frames you create. Daphne is an amazing storyteller that shares her heart and soul with us. She encourages us to find our own story, the magic that surrounds us, and the beauty within our life that let’s face it… It’s not always as perfect. Focus on what really matters. Run and sign up!”