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The Narrative Society: Educator Interview with Amanda Kenyon

Most artists have a point in their life where they knew this was meant for them. Do you have that moment?

So, funny story, I bought my first big SLR camera when I was 19 but it was so long ago it was film.  That winter I applied to an art school to major in photography, and was accepted to start the following fall.  To save some money I started waitressing, and met my now husband at the restaurant I worked at.  At the time I couldn’t imagine moving across country and leaving him, so I changed direction and stayed in our small town.  I took a few courses at the local college, and then totally put my camera down until after our girls were born.  I kick myself all the time for losing so many years of learning, but it goes to show if something is meant to happen in your life it will happen.

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Documenting our children’s lives is so important. What is your secret to not getting bored with your daily life?

I am very rarely bored. I think the secret is to focus on the little things. If I focused on the big picture the everyday might seem mundane, but I don’t and the small details make it lively and colorful.

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If there was only one moment you could photograph for the rest of your days, what would it be?

Hands down it would be parents holding their children. Or children holding their parents if they are grown.  I would photograph that all day everyday, that love and connection is priceless and it never will get old to me.

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Personally I find more inspiration from things outside of photography. Where do you find inspiration most?

Outside of photography I find inspiration in quotes that speak to my heart. Poems, songs, and musings of the soul.

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We all go through periods of mental blocks. How do you push past times of not finding inspiration?

In a time of a mental block I like to head to a forum or Facebook group that inspires me.  It reminds me to keep learning, and to keep going. 

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Who in your life inspires your art the most?

In life, I am most inspired by my girls. By their pure hearts and their innocence looking at the world; I feel like they make me push to be a better person. That probably sounds cheesy but it’s true 🙂

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What inspires you more - light or movement?

I’m probably more inspired by light – but I do love movement as well. 

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Documentary and lifestyle photography are different to some. How would you define them?

I define documentary as more raw, and completely stripped down. An example would be a birth. I would define lifestyle more as doing things you do in everyday life, but set up to be in the picture. I personally feel like documentary as it hits my feeling a bit harder – it can make me feel more emotional than a lifestyle picture. 

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Would you rather continue with your life or restart it?

For sure, continue.

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Would you rather reverse one decision you make every day or be able to stop time for 10 seconds every day?

I would rather be able to stop time for 10 seconds. Any extra time to savour the moments would be amazing.

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Would you rather never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind?

I would way rather say everything on my mind. I cannot imagine holding it all in.

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Would you rather have no internet or no cell phone?

I would rather have no internet.  I have this dream of living totally unplugged like it’s 1980. Totally unrealistic, but then I would just sit and read all the books I’ve been collecting thru the years.

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Would you rather lose the ability to use GPS for the rest of your life or lose the ability to use a debit or credit card?

I feel like I could lose them both hahaha.  I seriously try to be old school. I like to pay with cash, and I still make myself read those community maps when I go to find someones house.  Weird I know. 

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Would you rather have eyes that can film everything or ears that can record everything?

Oooooo that’s a tough one. Can I say both?

Would you rather have unlimited storage space on your iPhone or unlimited storage space in real-life?

I would rather have unlimited space in real life. I am a hoarder waiting to happen.

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Would you rather walk the Great Wall of China or Amazon River?

I would rather walk The Great Wall of China because well going to China would be amazing! And all I can think when I hear Amazon is snakes!

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Would you rather win an Academy Award or an Olympic Gold Medal?

I would rather win an Olympic medal. If only I was athletic hahaha

Would you rather be fabulously famous and poor or unknown and rich?

Unknown and rich sounds just fine to me 🙂


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