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The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game

This morning as the rain pours down in Ohio, I wanted to share some words with you that have been weighting on my mind. I started this post earlier this week and I walked away from it. I wasn’t quite finding the right words that I wanted to say and felt like I was forcing myself to write. The house is quiet and I am able to actually think, coffee in hand, so I am going to try this again.

Our whole lives are a numbers game. How much money do you make. How much do you weight. How many friends you have on your social media account, or even better, how many likes you get on your posts and images. I was listening to my boys talk a few weeks ago and one them was saying something unimportant but I caught the word Facebook from their talks. Now this is probably part of my fault because when I see activities that they are doing during school I will tell my son I saw it on Facebook. For some reason when I heard that, it didn’t settle well with me. Sure it really isn’t a “bad” thing but it does make me a bit sad that my kids won’t have the same childhood as myself. Gone are the days of not knowing if your friends are home, so you have to ride a mile to their house to find out. There just won’t be that level of the unknown with them. It also makes me sad because I know how hard their numbers game will be. The social pressures we put on ourselves now are insurmountable and I can only imagine that they will get worse.

The talk of mental health in this nation is getting better but still isn’t where it needs to be. I often wonder if the mental health issues that have increased, wouldn’t be as high if it weren’t for the numbers game? I personally can let myself get deeply effected by other’s success or the image of the perfect life. We all know that no one has a perfect life but as much as we want to tell ourselves that, the images are embedded into our minds.  If we all took a huge step back from the constant pressure of the social game, could we all benefit from better mental health?

Now I know these are big words for me to speak saying that I am in the social media market. I am not here to say all social media should but banned but I am saying that maybe I will filter my children a bit more. I can already see me being the uncool mom that doesn’t allow their children to have Facebook + Instagram but I want to save my children’s self image for as long as I can. I want my children to know that they are worthy and not be torn down by the world. I don’t want to have to worry about my daughter having to apply a filter to make her legs look better or my sons to have to look like a bad-ass to their friends. Sure we will all continue to have issues and pressures from other areas in life but why make it worse? Do you know what your kids are doing on social media? If you continue to believe that we aren’t being conformed to the pressures of society, I encourage you to read one woman’s struggle and ultimate suicide.

For myself I am going to remind myself that:

• Things aren’t always what they seem

• I am not less than someone because of what they post on social media

• Get up and walk away, if I find myself falling into the numbers game

• Reach out to family and friends in person. Re-connect

• Be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of family time and joyful memories.

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