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Elena Thurston

Thurston Photographs

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This momma is a friend of mine and we live in this fabulous neighborhood that is literally right next to this huge cornfield.  These historic silos that have been a symbol of our town for decades.

I get asked to do photo shoots in that area pretty often but after my first few attempts, I just quit going to that location because the angle of the light was always hard and it was especially difficult composing a family photo with these huge architectural elements.  I just couldn’t get it right.
Fast forward a couple years and we found out this might be the last season of crops, housing development is imminent.  I decided it was time to master the location and my friend was on board.  That night turned to magic for me and the kids just loved playing in what is essentially their front yard.  The youngest probably won’t remember romping around in the corn fields but now we have some great photos to help remind him!

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