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Trending on Instagram

trending on instagram beyond the wanderlust

Trending on Instagram

For months social media platforms have been implementing new changes to their software to make it easier for readers to find information engaging to them. While Instagram has made plenty of changes along the way none are as promising to marketers as the changes made today.


This has to be one of my favorite updates to the Instagram world..the new explore option! Now when you want to explore new artists and images, you will be presented with finding:

-Trending Topics

-Trending Stories

-Trending Images

 By adding this feature to it’s explore page, Instagram has now made themselves available to be more dominating in the marketing world. With Instagram’s audience favoring image heavy posts, this will leave advertisers having to push their creativity even more to be noticed and benefit from the reward of advertising.

Another reason this was a brilliant move by Instagram was it allowed their app to captivate their audience even more, leaving less reasons for their users to leave their services. You can now find relevant news stories all while posting and searching for your favorite images. The trending topics alone is a major game changer for Instagram.

Instagram features - beyond the wanderlust

If these reasons alone weren’t exciting enough, the trending stories will help you build your business and find your market even more now. As before you should have been using hashtags that fit your story but that were also top preforming. If you wanted to seek out which hashtags were the best to use you would have to find an offsite list of the top trending hashtags. While it will still be beneficial to use such lists, with Instagram showing you what hashtags they are finding their users tagging often, this allows your material to be found with more ease.

**TIP** Stay relevant to hashtags. Some marketers want to be found and will use a hashtag even if it is not relevant to their audience. Respect the hashtag and only use them when appropriate. 


Another amazing feature is the ability to be able to hone down even more what you want to search for. Heading to Europe soon and want to see what is trending? No problem! You can now search by PLACES, TAGS, PEOPLE, and TOP trends.

Instagram features - beyond the wanderlust


Links have been needed for awhile now and while this feature isn’t new as of today, it is still one I wanted to mention in case you haven’t capitalized on it yet. To keep the posts focused on the imagery, instead of following links, Instagram had in the past not allowed clickable links, until now. You may now enter one clickable link in your bio. While you are in your bio be sure to re-proof and word your copy to be more appealing to your followers.

Instagram features - beyond the wanderlust


With this change being more of a visual feature I wanted to add it as this feature shows the way of the new Instagram platform. Their ability to keep old tools available but re-invent them is a telling sign that Instagram is here to stay. With over 300 million active users, Instagram dominates in the social media platform market.

Instagram features - beyond the wanderlust

Head over to Instagram and check out the new features for yourself!