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I finally had a chance to use the all white room in the studio for a lifestyle photo session.  This mom wanted “airy, white, simple pictures”  and I think we nailed it!  With baby number 3 Mom wanted to incorporate the family as much as possible as the last family pictures before they are a family of 5.  With some posed and some playful pictures, it’s the perfect balance for the shoot.

2015-01-20_00012015-01-20_00112015-01-20_00022015-01-20_00032015-01-20_00052015-01-20_00062015-01-20_00072015-01-20_00082015-01-20_00092015-01-20_00102015-01-20_00122015-01-20_00132015-01-20_00232015-01-20_00222015-01-20_00212015-01-20_00202015-01-20_00152015-01-20_00162015-01-20_00172015-01-20_00182015-01-20_0019Pin this Style!

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