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Ullosi Photography | Beaufort, South Carolina | Lifestyle Love Mini Session | Beyond the Wanderlust Fan Feature

Emily Williams
Ullosi Photography

Beaufort, South Carolina

Hello! I am strictly a lifestyle photographer (I really prefer to call it family photojournalism though because I know there are a few ways to do lifestyle…I…but I digress) So, I decided to try my hand at mini’s. Lifestyle mini sessions! Sounds crazy…and it was! Well, as you might imagine, a little bit of posing had to occur…but not for the reasons you might think! I normally tell my clients, “just relax and go about your business as if I wasn’t here” and it usually works. About half the time I might have to offer up some sort of activity (which I did for the mini’s with children…ice cream anyone?!). Well…this was their first time ever having photos done and when I said my usual statement, they just grabbed each other and started trying to pose… bless their hearts! We walked around and I eventually got them to calm down, ignore the people around us and pretend as if I wasn’t there (it took many jokes by me, but hey…whatever works!) So, here is my session. A couple without kids. Downtown craziness…and somehow just managed to be a lifestyle mini-session.
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