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Up Close & Personal: Soulful Connection Through Portraiture with Devon Hall

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Teacher Devon Hall

Devon, of Devon Hall Photographic Arts, is a natural light and studio portrait photographer based out of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Devon is incredibly grateful to be teaming up with Beyond the Wanderlust to bring you her workshop, “Up Close & Personal: Soulful Connection Through Portraiture.” Devon wants to take you back to the basics and explore the classic portrait, with the importance of storytelling. She will discuss in detail the steps taken to bring connection and art to every frame while sharing with you all her secrets and further insight into her editing and shooting style. Additionally, she focuses on the tools you, as a photographer, needs to find your voice and let your heart into your work. If you are looking to take your photography to a connected level and learn more about capturing soul in your portrait work, Devon hopes you will join her for this workshop where she not only shares her passion with you all, but also her heart.


Classic portrait defined
The face & storytelling
The shift within the photography world
Making room for both-moment & soul
Bringing art to the studio


The client interaction – my approach
Engaging the subject
Artistic positioning
Leaving a lasting impression


My shooting style
Creating mood
The Lensbaby
Capturing the soul in your children
My workflow – before & afters
My equipment and why it does not define me


About me
A look at self portraiture
About you
Exploring your heart

Materials Received:
  • 100 page PDF workbook
  • B & W editing video with Devon in Photoshop
  • Color editing video with Devon in Photoshop
  • BTS shooting with Devon in her studio with natural light and studio lighting

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of materials after purchase.

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devon hall photographics

Devon Hall, of Devon Hall Photographic Arts, is a natural light and studio photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family photography. Devon feels completely blessed to be able to capture beauty and to tell a story of life and love. Growing up, her heart was always passionate about the arts – especially painting and photography. When Devon became a mom  – and my time was limited – she leaned more towards her camera rather than her paintbrush. In learning rather quickly the importance of time, Devon desperately wanted to remember and document these small yet beautiful moments that became her everyday as a mom. Moments that were fleeting. Moments that she wanted to remember. In being a creative soul, Devon’s passion continues to grow and challenge her. Always something new to learn…. she feels very grateful to be doing what she loves.

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Daphne Profile

Daphne Laput of Daphne Laput Photography

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“Devon’s workshop pulls you back to the basics of portraiture – and just exactly how not basic this art is.  From posing to shooting and editing, you’re taken step by step at how Devon forms a relation with her client but also digs deep into herself to create her impactful images. This material covers everything from families to single subjects, the happy and the sad. She perfectly shares with you just how important true portraits are in a time where we tend to haphazardly click our shutters and how to put yourself and your voice into these images.”


Aniya Legnaro of Life Photography by Aniya

F | W | B | IG

“I felt my heart racing as I read through the workshop. I notice we are slowly moving towards a world in photography where we are told to take the moment, rather than create the moment. Devon brings back timeless portraiture, and allows you to take back control in your images, carefully crafting the subject and the environment. This workshop makes me want to rip out pages of my dusty magazines and revisit the art and heart of this type of photography. Reading through the pages, I almost felt as though I’d been transported to a time when photography focused on capturing the essence of the soul of the person in front of the camera. It is so powerful. I urge everyone to delve into this workshop of true art.”


Kelly Jacobi of Kelly Jacobi Photography

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“Two words – powerful and inspiring! I have never ran for my camera as fast as when I was reading through Devon’s workbook. She helps you see there is a rawness and a soulfulness that can be created in simple portraiture. I loved getting a peak into her process of creation. From finding your inspiration to the technicals, she shares it all. This workshop is sure to set your heart on fire!”


Justyna E Butler of Justyna E Butler Photography

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“I just finished reading, Devon’s Up Close & Personal and it was incredibly transformative! I have always admired her connection she is able to capture in her frames… and now this. Devon shares her heart and pours her soul into her workshop. If you want to infuse fine art elements into your photography and start capturing your clients souls… you must take a look at this. Adapting to the shift, but holding on to the foundation. This workshop is a must for anyone who embraces the power of communication and so much more.”
Rebecca Wang Profile

Rebecca Wang of Rebecca Wang Photography


“I can not say enough wonderful things about this workbook.  Beautiful is the word that resonates with me most.  While reading this, I felt like I was really connecting with Devon, the honesty and raw emotion are just so powerful.   I loved how she walked you through her post processing, and how she really connects with her clients on a deeper level to capture their personalities and family dynamics.  Devon jam packed this book with everything from helpful tips, how to engage your clients, and poured her heart into this. Portraits are not something I do often, but have been really wanting to for some time now and this gave me the perfect motivation to do that. Thank you so much Devon for creating such a beautiful piece of art for us all to enjoy.”


Sonja Stich of Sonja Stich fotografías

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“Devon’s workshop is inspirational on so many levels. Only to look at her intense and soulful work made me want to pick up my camera and portrait the people around me. Her advice about how to plan a session and how to connect with clients is extremely helpful. She shares her approach how to get these honest and raw expressions in her portraiture and how to capture an overall mood in the studio and at outdoor sessions. I highly recommend this workshop for everybody who wants to take soulful portraits on a technically high level!”

Stacey Profile

Stacey Muniz of Soul Threading

F | W | B | IG

“Devon’s breathtaking imagery and fine words to match will leave you feeling educated and extremely inspired. She dives into what her sessions are about, informing the reader about equipment and how-to’s. The tips and tricks are super helpful and can’t wait to take on my next subject after reading this! I truly adored venturing into her brain with this workshop!”