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Vintage Summer Lemonade Stand Portraits

Vintage Summer Lemonade Stand Portraits’s Story from Kelly:

“This year’s lemonade stand mini sessions in Durango, Colorado were so much fun! These little cutie pies had such a great time playing with the fun props and tasting a fresh lemon for the “sour lemon face” photos. We always have such a great time at these sessions because the kids feel like they are just playing and having fun and hardly even know what the real purpose is- to get adorable summer time portraits! As usual, we had plenty of kids coming up wanting to buy real lemonade from us and we had to sadly turn them down. Next year, I’m bringing a big cooler of lemonade that I’m going to give out for free so I don’t have to disappoint anymore children at the park!”




Kelly MacNiven of Kelly Miranda Photography | Facebook | WebsiteTwitter

Location: Durango, Colorado

  • Oh my goodness – these are absolutely adorable!

  • Thanks for the feature Beyond the Wanderlust! We love your blog and are so stoked to be on it! 🙂

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