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Virginia Beach Outdoors Boudoir Session

“When this beautiful mother came to me about a boudoir sessions she mentioned she had had one years before but to be honest as a much younger version of herself and about to be married,  she was in no way comfortable with her bod and really didn’t know herself then. Since having her sweet boy Lincoln and growing into her own as wife, mother, and woman, she was so excited to do something for her that really represented who she was now. 




I was not prepared for the heartwarming email she sent me after she received her images; I was so floored by her response! She admitted that when they originally received the images her husband was skeptical. He loved his goofy, authentic wife and wasn’t interested in anything overtly sexy but she says as they scrolled through the images both of them were nothing but smiles as they saw the woman she truly is – silly, joyful, and genuine.”




Yours Truly

Tianna Yentzer of Yours Truly Portraiture

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Location: Pleasure House Natural Area, Virginia Beach

Makeup by Dhalia Edwards

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