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Why your website is horrible beyond the wanderlust inspirational photography blog

Do you find yourself drooling over other business’s websites, only to find your’s less than exciting? Maybe you don’t even realize how bad your website really is and if that is the case you definitely need to focus here.

When it comes to websites and blogs people need to look at them as their electronic business cards. If you don’t follow or agree, hear me out. When you are in public and you see a person who would be a great model or fit for your business, what do you do? I hope you are handing them a business card, to keep future contact with them. Now remove yourself from that equation and this person finds YOU; who they think is the perfect fit for them. How do you think they are finding you? Most likely Aunt Susie told them about Cousin Johnnie’s photographer, which leads them to searching social media and the web to find you. If they are like most people, they will scroll through your Facebook page and then hopefully head over to your website.

Now picture this person coming to your website, browsing for less than a minute and leaving. No contact. No searching through post or links. What went wrong? Most people get way more activity on their website or blog then they do bookings or inquiries. This leaves people frustrated and ready to throw in the towel on what to change. In order to make changes you first need to know what problems there are even to fix.


What is more frustrating than coming to a website and not knowing where to find information? This is probably the most important part to your website is to make sure that people can find the information they need to find and easily. Keep your page simple, clean and easy to navigate. TIP: Ditch the music. If people really want to listen to music they will head to Pandora. Keep the focus on your photography, what is making you bank.


Even though search didn’t make the number one slot it is still super important. When you put yourself and your work out into the internet, you have no clue who might stumble upon your work. Don’t miss out on an awesome business opportunity just because the person, who is looking, can’t find the right information they are looking for. If you don’t have a search bar, get it on your site stat!


This should be a super simple thought process right? You put yourself out there for the hopes of doing business, yet you forget to put a way for them to contact you. ::Insert Crickets:: Maybe not your brightest move you have ever done. I will revert back to the saying I got wrote a lot on my papers a ton in college, KISS. If you don’t know what this stands for, Google it and you are welcome. #knowledgeispower.



Way more than I would like to say, I am on an artist’s page and I have zero clue where they are located. If you are a wedding photographer, this isn’t as big of a deal for you but this could be a huge deal breakers for others. ¬†Don’t leave any guess work to your audience. Always spoon feed them the key points of your business and where you are located is definitely a point not leave out.


This is the point in a game show where you have won all the other categories or rounds and you are on a high. Feeling like you have got this in the BAG! Not so fast my little trooper. While you might have all the above done, I have a list of bonus tips that you first have to pass, before winning it all. [PSA: There is literally no prizes here. If you have made the list, consider yourself winning at life]


Nothing and I mean nothing, turns me off a website more than horrible branding. If you don’t have a great brand, don’t worry, 2015 has just started. Put this on your to-do list and HIGH.


So you have a blog, to let it sit and not be posted on? Don’t fall into this trap. Get a schedule, post on your blog and show your clients you are kicking butt.


This is sorta like a business card, within a business card. Your one chance to win your potential client over with nothing more than an elevator statement on yourself. If you miss out on everything else, bring home your about you section! Because who wants to book a dud?

This is the point where I tell you to get off here and GO fix your website. So really go. What are you waiting on? More clients to slip through your fingertips? Have other tips on how to freshen up your website or get more inquires through your website? We would love to hear about them below!

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