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Another week has past! This time of the year, with being so busy, I feel like time moves at some paranormal speed. I don’t know if you are like me or not but with each day, as the calendar ticks down, I get more and more anxious to make sure I have everything done for the year that I needed to. With motherhood and business, the pile of must do’s, builds like Mount Everest. I have some articles that I plan on writing here in the next few weeks to share with you on what I do to make sure I stay on track & each of my goals are met. I find these little steps to really maximize my time spent working and finding time savers is really crucial. ¬†Part of my business plans for 2015, are finding ways to maximize my success and build a bigger & better business. Sitting down to write my business goals was a must for me this year. I have so many new things I want to integrate into the blog, as I do every year. I was finding myself letting ideas slip by me because I would either forget about them or I wouldn’t remember the idea 100% as I did when I initially thought of it. Realizing what works for your business and what doesn’t, is part of what will make your business really thrive and continue to engage your audience in the capacity that you really want to. This week on Pinterest while I was looking around to find new blogs, to motivate myself in my goals, I found some really awesome tips. Here are some of the articles that I found, that I loved. Some I have read already and some others I just loved the general basis of them.

via Krystals Kitsch

via Pretty Fluffy

via Justina Blakeney

via Savouring Simplicity

via The Inspired Room

These are definitely all great pieces to pin and come back to read with your morning coffee! I also wanted to include some freebies that I had found that fit nicely with this blog post. There are definitely many more amazing freebies out there and resources if you just do a little research.!&utm_campaign=20131109_m117879682_31+Days+of+Free+Printables+Finale&utm_term=Day30_jpg

via iHeart Planners

via Style Logistics

via Aka Design

via Pretty Providence

via Creative Savings Blog 

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  • Creative Savings

    Thanks so much for sharing a link to How to Track Your Expenses. I hope it really helps, and I’m looking forward to checking out all the other great links!

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