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If you are reading this blog post, I am going to assume that you have made it to the other side of Christmas in one piece! Our Christmas was just rapid fire of gifts, wrapping paper and bows flying! I can happily say everyone enjoyed what they got and it is OVER. I feel bad for even being happy that Christmas is over but it sucks so much out of me. It makes me even more appreciative of my holidays as a child because I realize how much my parents put into those special morning memories. My children all still believe so we are still in the stealth mode of, waiting for all eyes to for sure be asleep, being sure not to wake a single child with any noises. I always have a fear I am going to wake someone! My children apparently must love us very much because they slept till 8:30. I hear tons of “horror” stories of children awake at 3:30 or earlier!

Now that Christmas is over, we have one more special day to look forward to, New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day. I have a couple blog post coming that will hit on the subjects of resolutions {and why I don’t do them}. When I was pinning this week I was thinking about business, and while everyone might think exactly to business structure, I was thinking OFFICE DESIGN! I love to see tons of different office looks and it gets me inspired for my own space. Here are some spaces that left me wanting more!

via The Glitter Guide

via The Little Design Corner

via 79 Ideas

via Peek Inside

via Design Sponge

via The Chic Home

I really could keep going all morning, as I love design + style! If you want to continue getting inspiration like this, be sure to follow my Pinterest!

  • glimmersnaps

    Love this! I’m usually working with my little one on my lap so I definitely need a clean workspace or she will be in to everything 😉

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