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Wish Photography | Beyond the Wanderlust Artist Spotlight

Kandis Broadhead

Wish Photography

Magna, Utah


Welcome Kandis!! Tell our fans a little bit about yourself!

People say I am spunky and I would have to agree. I think I am pretty hip and a little quirky. I am a momma to two princesses and to one doggie. Princess number 1 is Elle, Princess number 2 is Ava and my doggie is Ruby…aka Ruby Dooby Dog. I married prince charming almost 12 years ago and he still makes my heart pitter patter. I enjoy all things girly and fabulous. The more girly the better. My life is filled with makeup and shoes, and handbags, and dresses, and cupcakes, and sparkles, and glitter, and fru fru-ness of all sorts. I think I am one of the funniest people I know. I constantly laugh at myself. I collect cookbooks and adore watching cooking shows. I have an inner grannie and love to knit and wear floral prints. I am extremely loyal. I value friendships and strive to become friends with everyone I meet. I enjoy having conversations with strangers and finding a common thread. One of my very best friends became my friend after her helping me at the Clinique counter. Friendship is important to me and I call all my clients friends. While driving in the car I pretend I am auditioning for American Idol. And I always make it to Hollywood. You can win my heart over with a Godiva truffle and a bag of popcorn.

I started taking photography serious when I was going through out patient treatment for a long battle with bulimia. I needed some reason to get healthy and I needed something to focus my energy to. Learning to create something outside of myself that didn’t reflect the way I felt on the inside was so powerful. The more I healed the more I realized that this was my calling. I have now found that I am to help all females from ages young to ages awesome feel beautiful about themselves. All women deserve to be told that they are beautiful just the way they are no matter their insecurities. It took me almost 30 years to feel beautiful and I know I need to help all girls feel beautiful too. This is my calling, this is why I am a photographer.

On the average shoot, what would we find with you?

On an average shoot you’ll find me with my camera bag strapped to my back. My current camera bag love is the Kelly Moore Chapel bag. It is fabulous looking, comfortable to wear and it is pretty handy. On a typical shoot I will have with me my 5d Mark III, 24-70 2.8 IS II, 100 2.8 Macro, 24-70 2.8, 85 1.8, 17-40 4.0 and a speedlight with few pocket wizards. I am a believer in lens selection. To get different looks you must be able to know what lens you need.


Your images always are located in such amazing spots. What do you look for in a location to make your images pop?

A location to me must include an area of interest, color and texture. The area of interest could be a building or a rolling hill. I look for something that will make the photo interesting. Color. It doesn’t have to be brightly colored but will I find color in it? or does it have the color pallet I am looking for? Is it flat or does it have texture and movement? I want to see texture in my pictures. I flat background leaves me feeling uninspired. When looking for a location or picking a location is do I have to crop things out. If I find a beautiful field but in the background there’s houses I decide how hard is it going to be to crop out or am I going to be stuck only shooting one direction. I pick locations on the ability to get various looks by shooting in various spots. A location needs to give me options and not limit me. And the last thing I think about is what is my lighting going to be like? Am I going to have to back light my client the entire time or is there open shade or can I turn my client to face the light? When looking for a location or using a location make sure you check what the lighting will be like at the time of day you will be shooting.

How do you find your inspiration? Do you keep tabs of your ideas while you are out and about on anything?

I find most my inspiration through fashion. The other day I was in the mall and I found the best outfit ever for a child. This outfit is going to inspire a upcoming session I will be doing with a model. Once I am inspired I try to do the session soon as to stay fresh and to get a jump on the competition. We have all been there….there is nothing worse than having an idea and not acting on it soon enough.

What is the best piece of advice you have received during your career?

The best piece of advice was given to me by my dad. He told me “Kandis you have to work on your business like you don’t have a choice. You have to make yourself think that this is your lifeline and that you must do it to survive” I took that advice and applied it. Every day I think about my work and my business. I take it seriously. This is a full time business for me. I am constantly thinking of new ways to evolve and grow so that my business is sustainable for the future.

Anything exciting coming up for you in 2013?

YES! I am in the process of building a big studio. It will be a lovely space where clients can come. I am transitioning my business in 2013 as well to photographing only girls ages 3 to ages “i’m awesome! I’ve made it this far”. This goes back to feeling a desire to make women see how beautiful they are.


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  • Elaine Ollerton George

    You made a GREAT choice featuring Kandis from Wish Photography. She is truly an amazing artist and an even more amazing person!

  • Jeff Stewart

    What a great interview. Great answers!

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