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Inspiration Behind the Daily Fan Favorite

By: Darah Groce | BTW Lifestyle Blogger

Yasmina Cowan of Yasmina Cowan Photography

Camera Settings:

F/2.2 1/200 ISO 1250

After looking through her 2014 portfolio, Yasmina Cowan, owner of Yasmina Cowan Photography took matters into her own hands.  She made a resolution that for 2015, she was going to change it, she was going to make sure that she was in those memorable shots with her family that she knows her daughter will cherish having.   Yasmina’s daughter is the true inspiration behind this shot that she calls, “I was there too”.  “To get this shot, I got my camera settings ready, turned on the self timer and propped it up on the dresser, we had a blast jumping on the bed!”
Yasmina is a natural light, lifestyle photographer that strives to capture beauty in the everyday.  Even taking a moment that might seem mundane she sees the emotion and captures it.  “I’d like to encourage all you photographers to get in the frame! It may feel weird, uncomfortable, unnatural. But it is so so important.”